Based on a subsidiary company that Borui Group sets up in the US, and production bases sets up in India, Indonesia and Ghana, Fechii has a strong power to regulate raw material supply chain. Over the years, Fechii has been selecting raw materials from its own global high-quality plantations, adhering to the natural extraction and control of quality, each fragrance from Fechii has passed the strict quality identification process.

Identify the source, ensure quality and price, Fechii provides cost-effective products to customers.

Rose plantation in Bulgaria

The eastern Balkan Peninsula at the intersection of Europe and Asia (43° N, 24° E) where has a continental climate with four distinct seasons, has cultivated the world-famous Bulgarian rose. With hundreds of years of industrial history, Bulgarian rose has been recognized as the rose with the highest oil yield and the best aroma in the world.

Lavender plantation in Provence

Provence, located in southeastern France, on the blue coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is the home of lavender. The lavender blooms in July and August every year, adorning the lush green valleys with its intense colours, its spicy scent mixed with the scent of sun-scorched grass, making it become one of the most unforgettable scents in the South of France.

Sandalwood plantation in India

Sandalwood is a very rare and ancient tree from India, with a constant, warm and mellow scent. Sandalwood oil extracted from sandalwood is the most expensive essential oil compared with those extracted from plants in nature, and it is also the base fixative for all kinds of high-quality perfumes and fragrances.

Osmanthus plantation in Yunnan, China

Osmanthus, a unique sweet Chinese aroma, have been cultivated for more than 2500 years in China and the Osmanthus in Yunan is particularly well-known. The aroma of Osmanthus is sweet and rich, especially in mid-autumn, when Osmanthus flowers are in full bloom, the rich aroma mixed with the aroma of wine make people refreshing.