Every year, Fechii invests 10% of its revenue in R & D and innovation. In order to enable our perfumers to cultivate personality, freedom and curiosity while remaining down-to-earth, Fechii encourages them to explore nature, attend various popular exhibitions, discover trendy fashion elements, and initiate consumer-oriented fragrance conversations……

"Fragrance is a very interesting and meaningful thing for me. The aroma is memorable. I like to chat with people from different ages and different cultural backgrounds, collect their affections and stories, and portray these romantic, joyful or sorrowful memories by fragrances, share them with more people, and be memorable across the time."

British perfumer

45 years of perfumery experience; initiated career in Grasse, France; with an intimate knowledge of fine fragrance.
Customized fragrances for British royal chartered brand Gieves & Hawkes and others.
Worked with designers such as Jo Malone and Aston Martin.
Independent brand Amaryllis has settled in Harrods, a famous British department store.
"I’m a man with a particular inclination towards nature. I often go hiking, diving and traveling. Every now and then I would indulge in the wonderful atmosphere in nature, the mellow and fruity aroma of tropical islands, the limpid mountain springs in the depth of mountains, the secret gardens of private manor ... they are sources of inspiration for my fragrance creation."

French perfumer

33 years of perfumery experience; graduated from the Perfume Institute of Grasse, France.
Adept at personal care and fabric care fragrance.
Enthusiastic about exploring natural raw materials.

Domestic perfumer

"Fragrance is a piece of artwork and blending is more than that. As a perfumer from China, I need to introduce fragrances with Chinese characteristics to the world, especially the elements of the national tide which were brilliant in China and all over the world in recent years."
20 years of perfumery experience;graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology, the cradle of Chinese perfumers.
Proficient in air care fragrance.
Passionate about exploring unique raw materials in China.


One-to-one fragrance customization experience, which can be customized according to fragrance’s demand and matching degree by the most suitable perfumer. From raw materials, fragrance and the degree of integration with finished products, our perfumers will provide you with a full range of personalized services.